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No More Secrets describes the author’s journey from child abuse to domestic violence to self healing.
A journey multiplied in harship to overcome an eating disorder, suicide attempts, drug addiction, homelessness, abandonment, depression, lack of self estem and self-worth and her own feelings of personal shame for her plight. This book carries a warning for its its readership to the graphic details endured through child abuse and domestic violence.
Release date: In 15th June 2014


Revd Rose Hudson-WilkinThe Rev Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplin to the Speaker of the House of Commons
In ‘No more Secrets’ – the author introduces you explosively to a childhood filled with progressive acts of abuse in such a graphic way that you cannot help but feel that you are there, re-experiencing every bit of the agony she endured. Malakh is a living testimony to the words of Booker T. Washington, the African American educator who said the following, “The circumstances that surrounds a person is not important, what is important is how they respond to it”. Malakh has responded with great courage, climbing up from her many ordeals, one rung at a time, yes slipping from time to time also, but not being afraid to pick herself up, dust herself down and start again. This book is a must read for young women experiencing adversity. It is also a must read for men (young and old alike)too. If we are going to truly flourish as a community or a society, we must teach our boys and girls, our men and women to treat each other with respect and equally important to learn to love and respect ourselves. Malakh has been on a long journey of self discovery and is now in a good space where love and respect abounds.”
Emily Thornberry MPEmily Thornberry MP
Shadow Attorney General and MP for Islington South and Finsbury
“This is a truly harrowing and honest account which, at times, was so upsetting it was difficult to keep reading. Malakh Zebulun is incredibly brave and strong, not only for having endured all of these terrible things in her life, but also for having the courage to write her tale down and share it with the world. This book is yet another reminder that we should and must be doing more to protect and identify those children and women who are being subjected to domestic violence and sexual abuse and that all communities in Britain need to be better educated to be able to spot the signs in friends and family members. Malakh has chosen to use her terrible experiences to help other going through similar ordeals and for this she should be highly commended.” 
Baroness Sandip VermaBaroness Sandip Verma
“Violence and abuse of women and children is a very hard topic to face for most, but it happens on a daily basis and is something that needs to be addressed. I commend and thank Malakh for sharing her story in this compelling book and hope her courage will inspire others to speak out and start their own healing processes.”


Joseph Seiler MCC Author of Up From ParalysisJoseph Seiler MCC Author of Up From Paralysis
“I just roared through your book. Such a sincere outpouring, asking for nothing, giving all of you, touching me. Thank you for every word of it Malakh. I trust that some will be healed by reading it, some will be affronted, some awakened, some embarrassed and all will be privileged to share your Self unfolding. Thank you”
Angela Edmondson CEO & Founder of DiversityInCare LtdAngela Edmondson
CEO & Founder of DiversityInCare Ltd
“Malakh Zebulun has written a moving story that will touch your heart and soul. NO MORE SECRETS portrays a humanoid depiction of research and government statistics churned out so frequently that public interest has become slightly numbed to the heartbreaking fear that many children endure whilst subjected to ongoing incest/sexual abuse within the family unit.No more secrets is a poignant read for professionals, parents and even culprits. Malakh Zebulun’s gritty descriptions of her abuse enabled me – as a reader – to visualise the scenario and feel her childhood pain, humiliation and later, shame.I applaud this lady’s courage to share her unfortunate life-experience in such an open and humbling manner.I would recommend NO MORE SECRETS to adults who have been subjected to child abuse and as adults, still living with their secret, afraid and ashamed to speak out against the perpetrator.Another issue that Malakh Zebulun so eloquently described is the harsh discipline administered by some parents in the Caribbean communities. This harsh discipline disempowers a child, leaving many unable to approach their parents when they are being abused in this way. The interrupted innocence of a child has a long-term effect on the adult they become. The adult choices are usually bad choices based on the person’s low self-esteem and self-hatred.I thank Malakh Zebulun for sharing her story and writing her timely book which is a must read for all”
Vanessa Vallely C.E.O of We Are The CityVanessa Vallely
C.E.O of We Are The City
“Malakh has really opened up her heart in the book, baring her inner most secrets in her quest to help others. I take my hat off to her for her bravery and above all her ability to forgive. Malakh is an inspiration to others and I wish her every success as she goes on to help others overcome the long terms effect of abuse”


Further Books by Malakh Zebulun
How To Become Empowered To Heal
The author offers life changing information and resources for victims/survivors to break the cycle of abuse in relationships; help the victim learn to love themselves so that they can experience positive and rewarding relationships with others whilst growing within and affirming self-worth. A must read
Release date: December 2016
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