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240_F_78962969_hdLtthXDsuzgNP9hkog1mnor70DuHMRoThis website will encourage you to embrace your self healing journey from past relationships or experiences that have left you with low self worth. It will provide you with the opportunity to access inspirational stories, resources, events, workshops and empowerment coaching packages that will support you in your personal development.

Embark on your own personal development journey

Learning To Let Go Programme ~ 6 fortnightly sessions
Starting Saturday 2nd September 2017 ~ BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY

L2LG Banner_no logoThis programme promises to share extensive techniques from 7 expert trainers that you can implement into your life to help you to create and embrace the happiness you are seeking to attract.

Get ready to:

  • Embrace your self-healing journey
  • Build your support systems
  • Boost your confidence levels
  • Learn how gratitude will shift your emotional states
  • Build relationships with yourself and others
  • Discover the personal love languages of yourself and others
  • Create your new outlook of the world around youPrepare to move yourself forward
  • Create and implement visions in your life
  • Move yourself forward by investing in your emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing

In partnership with Clapham Library, Lambeth

Learn what previous participants thought about the Learning To Let Go Workshop:

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