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240_F_78962969_hdLtthXDsuzgNP9hkog1mnor70DuHMRoThanks for visiting The Official Website of Malakh Zebulun

This website is dedicated to empowering you to break those negative patterns that keep repeating or attracting itself in to your life and encourage you to begin your self healing journey from past relationships or experiences that have left you with low self worth. It will provide you with the opportunity to access inspirational stories, resources, events, workshops and empowerment coaching packages that will support and help you along your self-healing journey.

Making Change In Your Life Happen

self-loveEmbracing change is never easy. It will means relearning how to do things differently and changing your mindset to make the changes possible. Looking at where you would like your life to be in say 1, 3, 5, 10 or even 20years from now can be a daunting picture if you look at where you are now. So having a smaller achievable goals to help you work towards the visions for your life is vital if you are to live purpose-led and abundantly-filled life.

Don’t be put off by those negative thoughts of yours. One way to reduce and remove those self-sabotaging tactics of yours is to indulge yourself in self-empowerment reading; doing affirmation exercises daily; surrounding yourself with positive and nurturing people; and watch out for the negative words you use when you speak. Like the ‘I can’t’ or ‘yeah but’ words that you use to stop you from moving forward. Continue reading