Coaching Programmes

Malakh offers one to one coaching programmes to help individuals to embrace change in their lives from the negative and repetitive experiences they have been encountering in their lives.  You will  be empowered to work towards your purpose-led life that is filled with the aspirations and visions of your own choosing.

Inviting change into your life from where you are at the present time may feel like the most frightening place ever. But to be able to become the happier and a more fulfilled you; it will be vital for you to embrace change. Malakh will support you along the way by breaking down your goals into more achievable  accomplishments and challenging your limited self-beliefs so that you can discover your self worth and love of self.

Malakh believes that you are indeed worthy and worthy to receive

Coaching sessions are held using Skype or Conferencing methods of communications. Please book an appointment in the scheduler below for 10minutes free where we will briefly discuss your issues and prices of sessions

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